Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm Really a Unicorn BBJ - Wildfox Couture

So heres the deal... sometimes I get deliveries to my showroom right after we've just had a shoot which means these products don't go online until our next planned shoot WHICH MEANS it could take another 3 weeks to hit the site, at least. AND a lot of times these pieces sell out before they get the chance to make it online. 

SO, I'm going to do a way better job to inform my Kouture babes who don't live anywhere near my store when things arrive and give you the opportunity to purchase. All you have to do is email me and tell me you want it, I can send you more pics/more details/tell you how much I love it/etc. I'll send you an invoice and VOILA, it's yours. I think it's pretty rad when people take the time to email me personally so I usually throw in a little something special ;)

This right here is the 'I'm Really a Unicorn' BBJ in the prettiest mint/baby turquoise/spring water (whatever you want to call it) color. Of course, it's made with that signature Wildfox fabric that everybody LOVES. It's got a scoop neck, banded hems, and a relaxed body. If you don't own a BBJ yet, I think you're crazy. No really, you're crazy. These sweaters are my entire life and we can't relate on any level until you understand the greatness. See below my reasons why I love them so much:  

The BBJ's are great for ... wearing when you want to be cozy, dressing them up to wear out when you feel really lazy but still want to be cute (ripped jeans & crazy platforms.. best outfit), sleeping, snuggling, working out, throwing on when you feel like you have nothing else to wear, wearing multiple days in a row because they're so comfy you just don't give a F***, or letting people know that you're really a fuckin' unicorn. 

Kiley Kouture

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